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"Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding."

- Jeremiah 3:15




Beyond meeting one-time needs, Blessed To Give is committed to long-term change and sustainability. Through connecting, resourcing, and equipping pastors, leaders, and doctors on the ground, Blessed To Give is investing in communities and those who will sustain them.


  • Potter's Retreat: 3-Day Intensive of Rest & Restoration for Area Leaders & Pastors with Westwood Ministries.
    Blessed To Give provides counseling, support, teaching, rest, food, prayer & worship to be re-energized to invest in their communities.


  • Bibles for Pastors:
    Hardback Spanish/English Bibles are hard to obtain in Belize, especially among leaders who use their time and resources to invest in others. Hardback Bibles are a special gift to these leaders.


  • Future Training & Equipping:
    Blessed To Give seeks to provide educational clinics for pastors and doctors, training and equipping them to provide solutions for the unique circumstances they face.


BLESSED TO GIVE MINISTRIES best medical missions trips


Supporting those who support the community

During our trip to Belieze in 2013, we met Miguel Martinez, Director of the Santa Elena Clinic in San Ignacio, Belize. Miguel had arranged for Jeff to obtain the credentials necessary to practice medicine while on the trip. We were able to travel to remote areas in Belize and provide both medications and medical care to some of the poorest people in the country.  We also conducted a free surgery clinic out of the Santa Elena Clinic.  


This clinic offers glucose monitoring, gastroenterology, ENT, urology and ultrasound. However, Miguel also uses his clinic to conduct both ministry and outreach. He frequently shares the Gospel with unbelievers, and the word of God with all that come in for help.  His patients are given free medical care and surgery if needed.  A major focus of the clinic is to use ultrasound along with counseling to encourage single mothers to complete their pregnancies rather than seek abortions. The clinic also provides free pre and post natal care if needed.  Other ministry work includes providing free bibles and food packages to patients, and supporting school feeding programs.  Because Miguel operates the clinic and his wife works at a local school they are able to see where help is needed most.  The Martinez’s vision is to one day start a home for children on the streets of Belize.


Blessed to Give Ministries is looking forward to continuing our work with Miguel in the future to fulfill our mission of meeting physical and spiritual needs.


Will you become a partner of hope today and provide a gift below?

Your gift will reach people like Miguel, providing tangible resources to those who give in and of themselves to support their communities. 


Your gift can provide for leaders like Miguel, who have given themselves to support their communities. Send them Bibles, send them to a pastor's retreat, or give a gift to help support pastors and doctors in Belize & Honduras. 

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