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Dylan will be having surgery for his jaw in Lubbock, Texas at the start of 2017.  Please continue to pray for him, his doctors, his care takers and financial needs.  Blessed to Give Ministries has given over $8,000 and raised almost $2,000 for a grand total of $10,000 towards his medical expenses.  Thank you to all that have prayed, encouraged, taken care of him, given him free medical work!  You are all blessed to give!

Lisa (Update)


We have continued to support Lisa and her siblings.  Last year we were astonished to hear her testimony and we were blown away with her strong faith.  Over the past couple of years we were able to continue to partner with Westwood Ministries to supplement her income, repair a needed stair case in her home and help pay for a new washing machine!  

Building Belizean Meeting Space (Update)


As you can see the building additions are moving along!  Westwood Ministries and Jubilee Church (two ministries that we piggy back on)  have come together to make a wonderful Belizean Pastor’s Daytime Paradise.  This will be a  safe space for pastors to grab a cup of coffee,  just sit and chat or possibly pray for each other.  Blessed to Give Ministries is delighted to help in any way with this new addition.  Jeff got really messy making the concrete porch in the rain and he also helped put on the roof.   Can’t wait to see what’s next!  

Hope for Emma (Update)


Please continue to pray for Emma.  Her situation continues to offer many medical as well as financial challenges.  She is a living testimony that only God gives and takes life away.  She is a walking, daily miracle!  

Roy is Alive!


Roy Rios was in a wreck and after a long stay at the hospital, gangrene set in. He lost both legs – they were amputated up to his pelvis. Prayers of strong faith came to his ears through our friends that live in Honduras or via skype from here in Austin, Texas! Everyone prayed for him as his doctors continued to remove more and more of the infected skin. He would have died had the Lord not rescued him. The infection stopped. Through his ordeal, he surprised us with his attitude and thanksgiving to God. Because of the goodness of God and the generosity of our partners, he now is fully mobile. Through a concerted effort we were able to get him an electric wheelchair. Today he is filled with praise to our God and is sharing the Gospel with his new wheels! He is so grateful. Thank you to our friends in Honduras and here in Austin that made it possible for us to supply Roy with his emergency medical needs. It truly is a joy to give!


In the video below, you can see one of Roy’s new friends walking with him as he test drives his new set of wheels! While, it looks like Roy is off to a bumpy start, he has expressed pure delight and is appreciative for his support from partners like you! Roy carries his bible where ever he goes and has been pouring into young people’s lives about the goodness of God! We are Blessed to know him and it’s good to know that he is busy sharing the Gospel in this Christmas Season!


See the video here:


Hope for Emma (Heal)


MIRACLE STORY: Many months ago, we introduced you to Emma, a 22-year old "miracle girl" with a malformed heart. When she was born, doctors said that she would not live. 

Because sonograms show that Emma's heart does not have the essential two atria to function, doctors don't know how she's able to live. “Emma G is our Miracle Girl,” said Miguel M, head of the San Elena Clinic. Miguel is a vital contact in Belize that helps people like Emma get the resources & medical attention they need.

Emma lives with her family in Belize in a wood shack (Her father is pictured with her in this post). They are poor and cannot afford any medical expenses, medicine, transportation, hospital visits or doctor's fees. But we're committed to healing the sick, equipping the leaders & providing for the poor where God leads us. 

Last week we shared that Emma desperately needed oxygen. Her condition makes it difficult to breathe & find peace. We asked for help to buy her an oxygen concentrator. These machines typically run $3500...

THE DAY AFTER WE SHARED EMMA'S NEED, we got a card in the mail from a family member of a former patient... The card expressed gratitude to Dr. Meynig (one of our founders) for caring for their father & his medical needs while he was alive - and that they wanted to honor his life by giving to Blessed To Give Ministries.... Inside the card, the family enclosed a check for more than enough to buy Emma's oxygen machine. 

Thank you to those who prayed with us for Emma - and to the sweet family who is helping provide life to someone else around the world. God bless you! 

A Man Worth 1,800 Miles (Heal)


We met him working on top of a mountain in one of the poorest areas of Belize. He was nearly 70 years old, very sweet and worked long hours on his feet to provide for his family. He had a venous stasis ulcer on his ankle, which is a wound in the skin that can be painful and require surgery if left untreated. However, in many cases, they can heal with patient education, elevating the leg, and compression stockings. We knew his ankle would not heal without these items, but with his income level and location deep in the countryside, he had very limited hopes for treatment.

We ordered him pressure stockings. They were purchased online, mailed to a location in Texas, shipped via truck to Belize, and then hand-delivered by a doctor on the ground after a bus ride up the mountain.

It is extravagant love that compelled Christ to sacrifice for us and to continue to provide for us. We love because He first loved us, and with the same love (and along with the prayers & gifts from supporters) we are blessed to give extravagantly to others.

Lisa's Story (Provide For the Poor)


Her name is Lisa*, she is a teenager in Belize, and she has four younger siblings. When her mother passed away last year, she became the sole breadwinner for her family. Unable to pay for their schooling, Lisa had to care for them during the day - which prevented her from earning enough for the family to survive. They were in a perpetual cycle and the family was threatened with poverty. Blessed To Give learned about her situation through Westwood Ministries, and provided the resources the younger siblings needed for their schooling. Her siblings are getting educated, she is working, and the family now faces a more promising future. Thank you to those who are praying with us & giving to the organization so that people like Lisa and her family can not just survive, but thrive.  

*Some names have been changed to protect the identity of the family.

No more cysts! (Heal / Equip)


Zach and Anna were missionaries serving in Belize. Anna had several large cysts on her scalp that were painful and prevented her from sleeping well. They had no way to cover the expenses of the surgery needed to remove the cysts. Blessed to Give Ministries coordinated a Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and Surgery Center in Austin, Texas to provide the surgery at a reduced cost, and then we covered the cost with donated funds. During a sabbatical visit to the United States, Anna had her surgery. She is now recovered, and actively in ministry. Thank you to those who pray, give, and support Blessed To Give. With your help, we are equipping & supporting missionaries like Zach & Anna on the ground in Belize, so that the region can be transformed. 


A Miraculous Recovery (Heal / Equip)


This is Elma Wolfe with her beautiful family.  By the grace of God, Elma was given a second chance at life.  Her story is miraculous and has touched our family deeply.  Mother of seven was crushed by a truck and her 11 year old son ran 2 miles for help.  She was taken to Belize’s best Healthcare Center.  After several attempts she was air lifted to a trauma canter in Guatemala City.   Many problems that we do not have here in the United States made for basically a life being raised from the dead.  She is a beautiful wife and mother and we are very fortunate to know them.

Blessed To Give Website Unveiled


After several years of informal ministry, Blessed To Give is now a registered 501(c)3 organization. Headed up by Jeff & Lorie Meynig, Blessed To Give is a ministry of love focused on healing the sick, equipping the leaders, and providing for the poor in Belize and Texas. Jeff is a surgeon and Lorie is an excellent artist. They make regular trips to Belize and are committed to bringing God's Kingdom there with the resources, relationships & spirit privided to them. They live in Austin, Texas, are celebrating 20 years of marriage and have raised several children together. 

All gifts are tax-deductible. 

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