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"Filled with compassion, Jesus stretched out His hand to heal."


- Mark 1:41




Great Need in Belize, Honduras, USA:


  • On average, there is only 1 doctor for every 1,000 people in Belize. A heavy percentage of the population works in trades involving physical labor and nearly half of the nation's people live in rural areas. With these factors, medical attention and even basic medical supplies for some - things like bandages or general pain-reliever - can be nearly impossible to acquire.

  • On average, there is only 1 doctor for every 2,000 people in Honduras. 3.7 million people - nearly half the population - lives below the poverty line, and roughly 36% live in extreme poverty. As the sixth poorest/least developed country in Latin America, much of the population lacks access to running water and sanitation facilities. As access to healthcare is available only to those of a particular income level, healthcare for the urban and rural poor is extremely limited. In fact, health services are not readily accessible to a majority of the population.

  • Pastors, missionaries and leaders in the US often dedicate large spans of time and high percentages of their income to serve the needs of other people groups. The expense of surgeries and emergency healthcare can be a formidable obstacle to continuing to serve those to whom they are called.



Medical Missions & Supplies: 


Through regular medical missions, free clinics, surgery & providing medical supplies to doctors on the ground, Blessed To Give seeks to reveal the goodness of God by providing health to those who lack access to proper healthcare.


  • Medical Missions: Blessed To Give takes regular trips into these countries to meet medical needs and support the medical communities in the area.

  • Surgery: Blessed To Give provides funding or performs surgery for various medical needs. Because surgery and outpatient procedures can be expensive and hard to acquire, these surgeries improve the quality and length of life for patients that would otherwise be forced to live in their conditions.

  • Free Clinics: Blessed To Give doctors conduct clinics to diagnose, provide medicine for, and refer patients in need of medical attention. Patients in serious conditions are immediately referred to the appropriate facilities. Smaller and localized needs are treated on-site. At various clinics, patients can also receive prayer for their needs.

  • Providing Medical Supplies: Medical equipment can be expensive and hard to obtain for doctors in certain areas of the world. Blessed To Give provides basic medicines, medical supplies and surgical machinery for doctors on the ground that would otherwise be too difficult to obtain.


Through the prayer & support of people like you, Blessed To Give is excited to give life and love to people in need of healing.



Reaching a man worth 1,000 miles 

We met him working on top of a mountain in one of the poorest areas of Belize. He was nearly 70 years old, very sweet and worked long hours on his feet to provide for his family. He had a venous stasis ulcer on his ankle, which is a wound in the skin that can be painful and require surgery if left untreated. However, in many cases, they can heal with patient education, elevating the leg, and compression stockings. We knew his ankle not heal without these items, but with his income level and location deep in the countryside, he had very limited hopes for treatment.

We ordered him pressure stockings. They were purchased online, mailed to a location in Texas, shipped via truck to Belize, and then hand-delivered by a doctor on the ground after a bus ride up the mountain.

It is extravagant #love that compelled Christ to sacrifice for us and to continue to provide for us. We love because He first loved us, and with the same love (and along with the prayers & gifts from supporters) we are blessed to give extravagantly to others.

Will you become a partner of hope today and provide a gift below?

Your gift will reach people like this man providing medical supplies and care where it is needed most.


You can help workers in Honduras or Belize like the man in the story above by purchasing medical supplies, like bandages or medicines, or machinery, like this Bovie machine, which will help patients heal more rapidly after surgery. 

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